Mission Statement

Rhosonics Analytical is based in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. We design, produce, and supply state of the art ultrasonic sensors and analyzers for any industry. The company cooperates with many system integrators and solution providers worldwide to offer the best technology solutions for specific applications.

The company was founded in 1992. Since then, Rhosonics has grown to become a fully featured solution providing company, with dedicated instruments for concentration measurements in virtually all possible process fluids. Ultrasonic technologies are also available for modern inspection methods of materials and process equipment.

OEM products

We specialize in the design, production, and supply of ultrasonic concentration and density analysers, which are used in many industries, including (petro)chemical, paper, food (diary, beverages), off-shore, mineral ores, and electroplating/semiconductor industries. Wherever liquids and solids are used, our products can offer great analytical solutions.

R&D projects

From the very beginning, Rhosonics has been conducting research and design to create the best-technology concentration analyser available on the market. Our analysers can be found in many of the most critical and demanding applications and are for example used by breweries in the Netherlands, mineral mining companies in Australia and the USA, and electronic/semiconductor industries in China and Taiwan.

Our Model 8000 (year 1992) and Model 8100 (year 1995) are mainly used in brewery installations, electronics, and mineral ore industry. In 2005, Rhosonics launched the new 8500, 9100, and 9600 series analysers, which offer greater accuracy, broader analytical range, and smarter HMI software and application-oriented software solutions. Since the year 2016 a new range of products has been launched, respectively the Concentration Meter B31 and Slurry Density Meter (SDM). Still, there is still room for further improvement. We have set up several R&D projects to further optimize our products.

Aside from the development of new technologies and the continual improvement of existing technologies, Rhosonics strives to continuously improve client support worldwide. We are improving our worldwide sales and service network.

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