Cement slurry

Cement is widely used in the construction of houses, as well as in industry and for other purposes. Because of today’s emphasis on quality, it has become increasingly important to ensure the production of more rigid and reliable cement. In order to achieve the desired level of quality, it is key that during the production of cement certain concentrations or densities have fixed and monitored values. Without immediate and constant measurement (whether using laboratory instruments or process equipment), the quality of the cement or concrete cannot be guaranteed.

With Rhosonics’ SDM density meter, the production process of cement or concrete can be easily measured in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the product. The Rhosonics inline non-intrusive sensor emits ultrasonic waves. By measuring the acoustic impedance of the slurry, the sensor can be used to calculate and display the cement’s density. Our sensors can even be used on cement trucks to monitor the grouting procedure. Currently, most companies rely on nuclear density meters. However, the Rhosonics non-nuclear density meter for cement slurries enables you to avoid using nuclear instruments.

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