CMP slurry

Chemical Mechanical Planarization is a process of smoothing surfaces using a combination of chemical and mechanical forces. This process is applied in the production of semiconductor devices in the semiconductor industry. From our clients we understand that Microchip manufacturing is complex and delicate. Silicon wafers must be perfectly flat and smooth. For this process CMP slurries are used together with pads to smoothen the surface of these wafers. These slurries are highly engineered chemical formulations. Basically CMP slurries contain an abrasive material, such as silica or alumina and another chemical like hydrogen peroxide (H202).

With the ultrasonic measurement technology it is possible to determine the concentration of H202 or density after dilution or importing CMP slurry, inline and real time with virtually no periodical cleaning needed. Rhosonics Model 9670 measures the sound velocity by making use of ultrasonic waves, which are generated in Rhosonics sensors. This technique makes it possible to measure the H202 concentration. Get in touch with Rhosonics to see what we can do for you.

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