Electroplating is the process whereby the surface of an object can be plated with materials such as copper through the use of electric current. Sulphuric acid is used to keep copper in solution and to make the solution conductive. Through the electrical current, the copper ions are oxidized from the anode and reduced on the cathode. The sulphate in the solution makes it possible for the copper ions to travel to the cathode.

The thickness of metallic copper plate can be controlled through the sulphuric acid concentration and the amount of copper in the solution. This makes it vital to be able to accurately measure the concentration of these materials in the solution. Rhosonics provides a very accurate analyser to measure these concentrations, namely the Rhosonics Model 9580 series. This model measures the sound velocity, conductivity, and temperature in real time. The concentration of Cu++ and H2SO4 can be measured in line, directly and independently of each other, with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy.

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