The electronics industry uses metal etching in a variety of processes, including the production of TFT and LCD screens and semiconductors. Metal etching forms a plasma due to an RF field, dislodging portions on the material from the exposed surface.

Wet etching is a different process that uses liquid-phase etchants (acids). When the acid reacts with the metal on the exposed surface, it dissolves. This decreases the acid concentration. The etch process is the fastest step in the production process. Therefore, a very fast and accurate analyser is needed to check the acid concentration and the concentration of dissolved metals.

Rhosonics provides the Concentration Meter B31, which is perfectly suited for this application. The B31 measures the velocity of sound, conductivity, and temperature to determine both liquid concentrations with an exceptionally high accuracy up to +/- 0.0001 wt% (= 1 ppm). This product could be the best solution for optimizing your process, please contact Rhosonics or your local distributor for more information.

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