Mining slurries

Since 2008, Rhosonics has been providing non-nuclear density sensors for use in the mining industry. As mentioned on the page about mining and slurry processing, many companies are currently using a nuclear device to measure density in line. Rhosonics has developed a very accurate non-nuclear density meter for mineral processing called the SDM Slurry Density Meter.

The SDM is recommended to measure the density of slurries and offers a lot of advantages due to the non-nuclear ultrasonic technology. No governmental licenses, permits or specialized personnel is necessary for the density meter because of the ultrasonic technology. Learn more about this product in our Mining case study.

To avoid damage to sensors caused by abrasive media, we provide sensors that are installed with no intrusion in the pipelines. All sensors are flush mounted. Ultrasonic signals are sent through the liquid; the instrument measures the acoustic impedance, with a special algorithm determining the actual density. The SDM is mounted by making use of a “wafer”, "UFTC spool" pipe piece or a “weldolet”. The diameter of the pipe can be more than 60”. Even the material of the pipe (rubber, steel, or steel with lining) is no issue for this ultrasonic technology. To perform measurements in a tank, you can install a fixed tank-mount probe.

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The SDM Slurry Density Meter with wafer installation

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