Sodium chloride (brine) is a salt, which is soluble in water. NaCl is used in many industries, including the food, medicine, and agriculture industries. In the food and beverage industries, brine is used to preserve food and to enhance flavours. Brine is also in the production of chloride, sodium, and hydrogen.

Rhosonics offers two different options when it comes to measuring salt solutions, both based on ultrasonic technologies. Model 8500 measures the velocity of sound in order to determine the concentration of salt. Salt particles can be measured using Model 9680, which measures the suspended solids (TSS) below and above saturation point. These in-line analysers are very accurate and always display measurements in real time. Measuring the density of your brine slurry is now possible thanks to the development of our Model 9695. The last two models measure acoustic impedance; with this physical parameter, TSS, SG, and density can be determined and monitored.

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