SDM successful at Beni Amir Washing Plant

Measuring task

Determination of slurry density in the output of a cyclone, mixing tank and two thickeners. Please find the general process conditions below.

Pipe diameter: 335 to 584 mm (13 to 23 inch)
Pipe material: Carbon steel with rubber line
Solids: 15 to 62wt%
Density: 1.050-1.800 g/l
Temperature: 15°C-30°C (59°F-86°F)
Flow velocity: 2.5 to 3.0 m/s

Instrument used

Installed by wafer cells in 13 to 23 inch pipes.


• Improve process control with real-time density data
• Fully utilize capacity of separation processes, such as a consistent thickener underflow (target density)
• Calculate the total production output of the plant
• Use a radiation-free and reliable density meter


The Rhosonics SDM Slurry Density Meter is a good solution to measure the real-time density of outgoing flows in different separation processes for mineral processing. The measurements are reliable, stable and friendly to the human health and environment. Calibration is easy and RSO training for radiation safety is not needed thanks to the ultrasonic technology.


During a period of nine months (from April 2018) the ultrasonic density meters of Rhosonics were evaluated by the team at the OCP Beni Amir plant. The SDM met the requirements of OCP and the team was satisfied with the easy calibration and stable measuring results.

The SDM ultrasonic density meter contributes to:
• Real-time (non-nuclear) density monitoring
• Indication of the pump efficiency
• Avoiding pump obstructions
• Calculation of the production output (mass flow)
• Ability to directly detect changing process conditions
• Reaching the target density and production output
• No nuclear costs such as certification or disposal

Measurement accuracy

Local representative M2C has done the commissioning and calibration of all Rhosonics density meters at the Beni Amir plant. The measuring results of the ultrasonic density meters were validated with laboratory samples taken from the process during a period of nine months. The graphs in the right column show density values of the Rhosonics SDM compared with reference samples from the process in two of the four applications.

You can read the whole story about the success of Beni Amir in the case study Click on the image below to download the case study.

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