Beer brewing

In modern beer brewing, much of the original craftsmanship has been taken over by fully automated installations. Where product quality was once maintained by skilled and experienced personnel, who often checked the brewing process visually, modern breweries have come to rely on automated instrumentation to keep track of product flows, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Rhosonics develops and produces ultramodern insitu, drift-free analysers for optimized process control. Rhosonics can measure mash and lauter tun, for in-line checks of the Wort Plato index, extract concentration, and density. But measurement of the sugar (Brix) or alcohol content is also possible. Some typical applications for °Plato measurement are shown below. An example of an instrument for continuous monitoring of the brewing process in °Plato is the Plato Meter F43.

Brewery waste water treatment

Within the beer industry, in-line COD measurement becomes more and more important as a brewery can produce a lot of waste water. The Model 9585 COD meter is used for this kind of applications. Click on the image below to see some typical places of installation for a Rhosonics in-line COD meter.

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