Building Materials

The products offered by Rhosonics are especially well suited for the building materials industry. The sensors are non-contacting and of the best quality currently available on the market. The products can be applied in numerous ways, including for the main process, in turbid liquids, and slurries. Our products can even be used for cement and mortar. For example, our instruments can be used to determine TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and COD in sewage, or to detect liquid spills. Please select your industry from the menu provided for suggestions regarding applications and solutions.

Ceramic slurries

Ceramics are widely used, both in industries and in everyday life. Ceramics have extraordinary mechanical properties. In order to produce ceramics, different powders, binders and additives are mixed in order to create the perfect slurry for further processing.

Rhosonics’ ultrasonic online SDM density meter and concentration meters are perfectly suited for measuring different aspects during the production process in order to ensure the production of the best quality ceramics.

Concrete & cement slurries

Rhosonics Analytical develops and produces ultramodern in situ, drift-free sensors for optimized process control for manufacturers of concrete and cement slurries. The applicable products feature a complete set of mostly non-intrusive concrete and mortar sensors, including the SDM density meter.

The production of concrete and cement is a fine and well developed process wherein quality of these slurries is of great importance. Production facilities for concrete and cement need to maintain the same high quality level throughout and therefore require constant monitoring of factors such as the density of the cement slurries in question. Non-optimal values influence the quality of the concrete and cement produced.

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