Mining and Mineral Processing

Since 2008, Rhosonics has developed equipment to measure mining slurries. Mineral process engineers are typically interested in measuring the density of the processed slurry. Inline measurement is particularly useful during the process, especially when you think what could happen if your product is inconsistent or is perhaps of a too low quality.

Rhosonics has developed the ultrasonic SDM density meter to accurately measure the density of the slurry. Rhosonics has a lot of experience when it comes to inline measurement of mining slurries for gold, silver, iron and copper mining operations. Furthermore, Rhosonics’s equipment can also be used to measure total dissolved solids (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS).

Rhosonics has developed several slurry applications:

  • Gold
  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • And many other slurries

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Chemicals in slurries

Mineral slurries are water based; gold, silver, or copper need to be extracted from the slurry itself. In further processes down the production line, perhaps chemicals are added to facilitate extraction of the minerals from the slurry or liquid (a process called leaching).

Rhosonics can provide in-line and insitu measurement equipment to measure aspects such as concentration, TSS, or TDS in the slurry. Rhosonics has also developed equipment (model 9670 and 9680) that can measure the properties (density, concentration, and so on) of non-water-based slurries, such as phosphate slurry (DAP) We have several years of experience measuring alluminum or alumina slurries (both in-line and in a tank), and sodium hydroxide. Finally, for extractive industries specialized in gold and silver, we have developed model 8500, which can be used in processes involving sodium cyanide.


For the metal industry, Rhosonics provides several instruments to measure liquids. During the production of sheet metal, rolling machines are cooled with oil and water. Rhosonics provides very accurate concentration analyzers (Model 8500) for measuring the concentration of these cooling liquids. For the production of metal wires, Rhosonics also offers solutions for measuring several different liquid, such as the concentration of Hcl + fecl2 (Pickling), which is used to galvinize metals.

Check out the application HCl + FeCl2 and model 9580 for more information.

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