FPD Industry

Rhosonics helps the industry to use ultrasonic technology for in-line, real-time measurements, through which a process optimization can be achieved, allowing a safer, more reliable, sustainable and cost effective operation. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a smart and green world.

Rhosonics Analytical provides solutions for inline analyis in chemical blending and in-process control. Serving virtually all electronics industries, inline analyzers are available for the following applications.

LCD & TFT productions

Rhosonics inline process analyzers are widely used in the production of LCD flat panel monitors. Within this industry, etchants (ITO-Etch), strippers, and developers (such as photorestist) are used. Measurement of photoresist is becoming increasingly more important in this industry.

Rhosonics has developed a special instrument for the measurement of TMAH+PR (Concentration Meter B31). TMAH+PR is used to produce LCD &TFT screens. Also, strippers are used to exfoliate photoresist that is left in the photolithography process. Citric acid is often used as a substitute for acetic acid, which normally leaves a strong odor in the darkroom. Rhosonics is able to measure these kind of liquids online. Detergents and surfactants can be measured easily.


Rhosonics has years of experience co-operating with several companies that specialize in the production of semi conductors. As a result, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge when it comes to chemicals used in this industry. These chemicals include acetone, isopropanol and different alcohols. These liquids can be measured with a Rhosonics model 8500 and suitable sensors. Furthermore, we provide equipment to measure acids such as sulphuric acid (H2SO4), nitric acid (HN03), and hydrochloric acid. Even Cu++ and H2S04 together is no problem for our Concentration Meter B31.

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Solar panels

More and more people are coming to rely on the sun for the generation of electricity. Those producing solar panels use chemicals such as silicium dioxide and silane. If you are interested for insitu concentration measurement of these kind of chemicals, please get in touch with Rhosonics.

Metal plating

Rhosonics has developed specific technology to make inline analysis of electrolytes possible, with a minimal need for maintenance. This technology is useful in industries that involve electroplating, for example. The core of the analyzer system consists of an ultrasonic sensor, which provides you with real time information about the concentration of both acids and metals. An example would be Cu++ with H2SO4, the concentrations of this solution can be accurately measured by the Concentration Meter B31.

Both copper ion and acid are analyzed independant of each other in the copper foil and semiconductor industry. Other applications include metal ions, like nickel, gold, silver, chromium, and many others. In metal plating operations, Rhosonics has developed many straightforward applications that were previously only possible with complex and expensive equipment.

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