RCU: Remote Control Unit

The newest Rhosonics instruments, such as the SDM, are supplied with sensor, display and operation panel integrated in a compact all-in-one system. The user interfaces of these instruments can sometimes be hard to reach, for example because of installation in a difficult position of the process pipe. Yet, in these cases, the Rhosonics RCU Remote Control Unit will be the perfect solution.

This multifunctional device is connected to the instrument by cable and can be used to monitor measurement results and change settings real-time at a safe and convenient location near the process. Another feature of the RCU is the communication protocol converter. For example, one of the RCU models is equipped with a HART/4...20 mA signal to Modbus RTU signal converter which can be very useful in case a Modbus RTU output is required. The HART/4...20 mA signal can also be converted to a digital Profibus DP signal. Click here to learn more about the RCU models.

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