Customer testimonials

Posted on Wednesday, 16 January 2019 at 14:42

We are pleased to introduce a new item on our website, customer testimonials. You will find it here.

The first customer testimonial is written by Mr. El Moudden, Chief Instrumentation at the OCP – Beni Amir’s Washing Plant. They installed four pieces of the non-nuclear Slurry Density Meter (SDM) at this plant. These instruments are operating well thanks to good commissioning of M2C Études & Services. Mr. El Moudden described in which sectors the SDM’s are installed and that he has good experiences with the SDM’s. You can read his testimonial here.

In April 2017 a cooperation contract has been signed between M2C Études & Services and Rhosonics to offer permanent services to the OCP Group. The OCP group is a global leader in the phosphate industry. More than one hundred non-nuclear density meters of Rhosonics are located in the phosphate plants of OCP, at four locations in Morocco. Besides service and support, the contract with M2C Études & Services is also about the general distribution activities for future projects in Morocco. Before OCP had installed the SDM’s at their plants, they used the previous non-nuclear Model 9690 Density Meter of Rhosonics. It is therefore good to hear that they have such a good experience with the SDM.

In the future more customer testimonials will be added to this page.

One of the Slurry Density Meters at the plant of the OCP Group

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