RCU Remote Control Unit

Posted on Tuesday, 27 February 2018 at 10:57

The RCU Remote Control Unit is the solution for Rhosonics measuring instruments that are installed at hard to reach or inaccessible places. This multifunctional device is connected to the instrument by cable and can be used to monitor measurement results and change settings real-time at a safe and convenient location near the process. Another feature of the RCU is the communication protocol converter. For example, one of the RCU models is equipped with a HART/4...20 mA signal to Modbus RTU signal converter which can be very useful in case a Modbus RTU output is required. Learn more about the possibilities per model at the bottom of this article.

Features and benefits

  • Real-time process monitoring and control of Rhosonics instruments at a safe and convenient location of choice
  • USB port to collect log data from the Rhosonics instrument on a USB memory stick
  • Convert a HART/4…20 mA signal to a Modbus RTU or Profibus DP output signal (ethernet on request)*

Application example

Rhosonics provides measuring instruments for in-line applications. Usually, the Rhosonics instrument sends measuring data to the control room or the data is directly used for process control. However, in some cases, operators want to monitor measuring data and adjust setting of the instrument on site at a safe and convenient location near the process.

The new Rhosonics instruments, like the SDM Slurry Density Meter series, are supplied with a sensor, display and operation panel integrated in a compact all-in-one system. The user interfaces of these instruments can sometimes be hard to reach because of installation in a difficult position of the process pipe. Yet, in these cases, the Rhosonics RCU Remote Control Unit would be the perfect solution.

RCU Models

The RCU is available in two different versions, each with their own specifications. Depending on the type of RCU, operators can use this device to read their measured values, convert communication protocols and/or adjust settings of the field instrument using a touch screen interface on the device or at their PC/PLC with a free-of-charge Rhosonics software program. Below you can find a short description of each RCU model. For detailed specifications per model, please contact Rhosonics.

  • RCU-1 HART

This model can be used to convert a HART/4…20 mA signal to a Modbus RTU signal without losing the 4...20 mA signal. The RCU-1 has a touchscreen display to read measured values and change settings of the Rhosonics field instrument.

  • RCU-4 Profibus DP

The RCU-4 model can be used to convert a HART/4…20 mA signal to a digital Profibus DP signal without losing the HART/4…20 mA signal. A touchscreen display shows real-time measuring results and can be used to change settings of the Rhosonics field instrument, which is also possible at your PC/PLC with the included free-of-charge software program.

Download the brochure of the RCU Remote Control Unit or contact us for more information.

*this depends on the type of RCU-model chosen

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