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Online support for distributors

Because of an upcoming demand of online sales support and service, our team wondered what the best way would be to support our distributors. We… More »

OCP Project: 6 new non nuclear density meters.

A new project at Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) has been started for us. Delivering 6 density meters to OCP Jorf Lasfar. This time the… More »

Product news flash: non intrusive concentration measurement

Is non-intrusive concentration measurement important for your process? And does stainless steel sensors not meet the chemical resistance you wish for… More »

Merry Christmas

Rhosonics thanks every body for their cooperation during the year. Merry Christmas to all! More »

Procon at SME trade show Phoenix Arizona

Since several years Rhosonics and Procon Systems have been attending the annual SME Annual Conference & Expo, a mining conference in the USA. This time… More »

High tech laboratory testing

Brand new applications require a special liquid calibration to get ultimate inline measuring results. To realize this, the physical properties of a… More »

Product news flash: online solids measurement

You want to know the suspended or even the dissolved solid content inline? Model 9670 and 9680 are the ones of your choice when it comes to TSS and TDS… More »

11 slurry density meters for Gold mine in Utah U.S.A.

Why you should buy a Rhosonics density meter? Together with Procon U.S.A. we have successfully supplied slurry density meters to the processing plant… More »

Product news flash: COD meters for breweries

Wondering where all the waste goes? Do you think breweries don't spill beer themselves? Well, the last one is more or less correct. You've got beer and… More »

Viscotech at Inchem Tokyo 2015

On November 25, 26 and 27 Viscotech will be present at trade show Inchem Tokyo 2015. This event will be held in the Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall. For… More »