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32 density meters sold by Procon

We are almost in the second half of 2020. In the first half a year, a lot has happened due to the COVID-19 situation. Now everything is a little more… More »

Blog: Measuring density in the flotation process (3/4)

In the last blogs we described the purposes and benefits of measuring density at different applications in froth flotation. In this blog, we discuss… More »

Blog: Measuring density in the flotation process (2/4)

Instruments, such as density meters help operators to efficiently monitor and control the flotation process, optimize it and prevent process failures.… More »

Participate in our market survey

Rhosonics wants to get a better understanding of the customer demand, therefore a market research has been started. All industry professionals in the… More »

Blog: Measuring density in the flotation process (1/4)

Are you looking for a higher recovery rate in the Flotation process by means of automation and instrumentation? This first blog describes the purposes… More »

Diez Problemas Con Medidores Nucleares

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Los gobiernos están aplicando nuevas normas para el uso de fuentes radiactivas y las normas… More »

Introduction to Rhosonics webinars

We are constantly looking for opportunities to help our distributors, representatives and (potential) customers with information about (non-nuclear)… More »

Thermo Fisher Discontinues US fabricated Nuclear Gauges

In a recent statement, Thermo Scientific announced to discontinue a part of their product line for nuclear level and density gauges. What is the impact… More »

Blog: Measuring density in grinding circuits 3/3

In the first blog 'measuring density in grinding circuits 1/3' we introduced the grinding circuit and explained the importance of in-line measurements… More »

Rhosonics welcomes new employees

In the beginning of 2020, we have welcomed two new employees to our team. With Thijs and Vitor, Rhosonics now has 21 employees.

Thijs Boerman has joined… More »