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Control strategies for grinding circuits

Mineral processing plants are using advanced systems to control their operations. Instrumentation is a key part of it, since those instruments obtain… More »

Happy holidays

The year 2020 was very exceptional due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic impacted people's lives and the way of doing business around the world.… More »

Blog: Benefits of density control in the dewatering process 3/3

It was mentioned before that there are different modern dewatering technologies, and Rhosonics density meters have been used also in Decanter… More »

Office closed for holidays

Due to the holiday season, our office will be closed from the 25th of December until the 1st of January.

If you need immediate assistance, then please… More »

Blog: Why density control is important to the dewatering process? 2/3

We’ve explained before the benefits of having density control over the thickening process and the importance of water recovery. In the process of dry… More »

20 Concentration Meters shipped to Korea

Last week, we have shipped an order of 17 pieces of the Concentration Meter B31 and 3 pieces of Model 8500 to a customer in Korea. A major system… More »

Blog: Reasons why dry tailings is important 1/3

In the next few weeks we will share more information about the important reasons for density measurement in the process of dry tailings, and how… More »

Mining experts EP4: Process control in the flotation circuit

In the fourth episode of our series "mining experts talking", we continue our interview with Sandro Marino and talk about process control in the… More »

Whitepaper: Features and benefits of the SDM

The eco-friendly Rhosonics Slurry Density Meter (SDM) has been introduced in 2016 and is the first real alternative to substitute nuclear density… More »

Mining experts EP3: Measuring points in the Grinding Circuit

Mining companies have different ways to assess the efficiency on their grinding and classification circuit. Some sites are doing it by manual sampling,… More »