Rhosonics has a new technology partner

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 at 15:22

Rhosonics has started a technical cooperation with Tribosonics. The most important reason for this cooperation is innovation and developing future technology, as for example in sensing, measurement and advanced analytics. It is important for Rhosonics to keep improving its products, by using the latest innovations, to respond to the market.

Two weeks ago, a project team of seven employees of Tribosonics were in Putten at Rhosonics. We have discussed different markets and customer’s needs. Also, an important topic of this meeting was innovation of technologies. Together with Tribosonics we are working on the improvement of technologies for different markets of Rhosonics.

Tribosonics is an innovation led company located and forged in Sheffield, United Kingdom. It drives transformation by using its unique ultrasonic sensing technologies to address challenges in tribological contacts (wear, friction, lubrication). Using its unique Technology Stack, it provides data of unmatched information density at an embedded component level with core measurement competencies in stress, lubricant film thickness, wear, fluid properties, contact pressure and non-destructive testing.

Mr. Dirk Aalten, CEO of Rhosonics, about the cooperation with Tribosonics: ‘Because Rhosonics always wants to continue to innovate and adapt to the market, we have entered into a partnership with Tribosonics. Together with Tribosonics, combining our mutual knowledge, we can improve our existing technologies.’

Glenn Fletcher, CEO of Tribosonics, commented: 'We are delighted to have started this technical collaboration with Rhosonics. Our respective companies and teams are aligned in our approach to innovation and in our determination to meet the needs of the market with technology advancement. We look forward to this significant partnership and to being parts of Rhosonics' technology roadmap, creating value in the market and for our companies.'

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