Posted on Friday, 8 March 2019 at 14:54

Rhosonics introduces the Slurry Density Meter WT (SDM WT). This robust ultrasonic measuring instrument shows the density value in wt% solids with an accuracy up to 0.005 wt%.

More than ten years of experience with harsh applications has been used for the development of the SDM Slurry Density Meter. For this reason, the SDM can measure the density of challenging water-based slurries. The SDM is mostly used in the mineral processing and the dredging industry.

The first SDM, which was introduced in 2016, shows the density in S.G.x1.000 or grams per liter. In the United States a wt% solids output was desired. Therefore our Model 9690, the predecessor of the SDM, was still being used. Now with the introduction of the SDM WT, we can also offer the second generation non-nuclear density meter to the US customers who were demanding wt% solids as measurement value.

The non-nuclear SDM is easy to install and to calibrate. Also the SDM is robust, compact and lightweight. Besides, the transition from nuclear to ultrasonic will significantly reduce operational costs, related administration workload and eliminates the associated health and safety risks on-site.

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