Concentration measurement

Rhosonics wins Mining Technology Excellence Award 2020

Rhosonics has won the ‘Environmental Impact’ category in the Mining Technology Excellence Awards 2020 from GlobalData. The award celebrates… More »

20 Concentration Meters shipped to Korea

Last week, we have shipped an order of 17 pieces of the Concentration Meter B31 and 3 pieces of Model 8500 to a customer in Korea. A major system… More »

31 Concentration Meters sold to Korea

DS Linetech, the Rhosonics representative in South Korea, has sold very well in the first half a year of 2020. They have sold 25 sets of the More »

Rhosonics introduces the Concentration Meter B32

Rhosonics introduces a new B30 series model, the Concentration Meter B32. This instrument can distinguish three components of the quaternary liquid… More »

Certificate of Excellence granted to DS Linetech

Guus van Ballegoijen de Jong has handed over a Certificate of Excellence to Mr. Lee Hae-Dong of Korean representative DS Linetech. This certificate was… More »

Project: More than 20 Concentration Meters B31 for the FPD industry

DS Linetech is cooperating with a system integrator and Rhosonics in a project for more than 20 sets of the Concentration Meter B31. All of these… More »

Korean customer orders 20 pcs Concentration Meter B31

Rhosonics received an order for 20 pieces of the Concentration Meter B31 by its Korean representative DS Linetech last week. A system integrator has… More »

New distributor in Africa

We are proud to share that we have a new distributor in Africa. Recently E.P.S. Ghana signed a contract to act as a distributor for Rhosonics equipment… More »